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  1. MARCH 29, 2019 - BREAKING NEWS: US Marine killed at Azerbaijan / Estanian Border The Pentagon has today confirmed that a Senior Marine Corps Soldier was killed by enemy fire on Thursday evening local time. First Sergeant Carwood Yates was fatally wounded by a round to the neck from an AK47 alleged to have been fired by an insurgent group who have now retreated into the Estanian region. A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed the death of the 32 year old after Multinational Base Mattis was involved in sporadic fire from unknown insurgents throughout the day. First Sergeant Yates was a part of a QRF, or Quick Response Force which was mobilized after the insurgents begun to fall back towards the border. It was at the border that First Sergeant Yates was struck with the round. Medics worked on First Sergeant Yates at the scene before Blackhawk helicopters medically evacuated the injured Sergeant back to a field hospital not far from Multinational Base Mattis but unfortunately Sergeant Yates succumbed to his injuries only moments after touchdown. Stated General John Dewalt, European Commander of Coalition Forces at a press conference held in Germany moments ago. This news comes only days after Estana announced officially that their Prime Minisiter, Gachev Gerasim Nikitovich, was gunned down in a still undisclosed location in Estana. While the U.S has not officially announced their involvement into the area, unconfirmed rumours circulating military circles state the Joint Commanders Task Force are planning to sign off on an official Operation into the area, code named Eastern Predator, according to leaked documents. Below: First Sergeant Yates prior to deployment in 2018. He will be survived by his wife and son. A state funeral will be held in Washington - TBA.
  2. It seems that our Eastern Correspondent in Estana is reporting that 1st SEARD are preparing for a possible operation in Estana! Locals on the street have mixed emotions about the announcement NATO has made that if the situation doesn't stabilise they will take some form of action. Some are asking for Russia to assist Estana, some are asking for the west to bring Democracy and others want to be left alone. Only time will tell the fate of the people’s Estana!
  3. BREAKING JUST NOW, PRIME MINISTER NIKITOVICH HAS BEEN CONFIRMED DEAD! There is turmoil today in the capitol as rumours have been confirmed as truth. What is not clear is how or when the event unfolded. There are many conflicting stories and sources right now so until we can get the facts we will hold off on reporting the truth as the people of Estana don’t need this given the current political upheaval. International leaders are calling for calm, and so are we as the Razoo crashes on international trade markets. Separatists are being more brazen with their attacks on our beloved leaders legacy, but rest assured we will not allow his great name to be tarnished!
  4. Questions are being asked about the health of Estana's Prime Minister, Gachev Gerasim Nikitovich, who hasn't been seen since parliament took a break in December 2018. Prime Minister Nikitovich, who was made famous for punching Russia's interior Minister to Estana in a heated confrontation in council chambers in 2010, was last spotted drinking coffee in the capitals high end marketplace of Rodion on the 21st of December 2018 just days before Christmas. Media outlets have camped the ministers large property, based in Rodya since New Years Day without any sighting of the PM or his family. Redyin Kruschev of PNN Estana stated via Skype on Thursday morning that movement inside the highly restricted compound hasn't been seen for months with many fearing the PM is seriously ill or even dead. Members of Estanas failing cabinet have failed to respond to demands from the people as to the whereabouts from the usually energetic and media friendly leader with many stating this is highly out of character. Many agencies are beginning to report on issues within parliament on Prime Minster Nikitovich vehemently opposing a merge with Russia to form one country due to issues between Estana and Russia. Many people are backing the move for the merge of countries as Estanas' failing parliament, it's failing currency - the Razoo, on the market and general economic imbalance is causing unrest in many parts of the already poor country. Crisis talks have been held for months to aid in a firm decision with the countries senior officials ruling out a plebiscite with Klimtsov Vsevolod stating it "would be a gross waste of money we don't have spare", telling journalists at the Estana Trade Fair in January 2019. While media outlets remain uncertain where the Prime Minster is, there are quiet whispers on the street of rising separatist groups declaring an allegiance to local militia groups planning on a coup of the Government. With unsteady relations in the European Union, Estanas refusal to join the NATO Treaty, a lack of leadership and economic turmoil, the situation in Estana is one to watch closely.
  5. Hello and salutations to all our loyal readers, viewers, followers and loyalists. This is PNN. Stay tuned to this forum so you can get all the latest news and information straight from the proverbial horses mouth.
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