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  1. Some of our boys and I believe Noble attended another milsim event in SEQLD this last weekend, seems others are entering the community, would be good to steam ahead. Also keen to here an AAR from admin, event wise, now that the dust has settled.
  2. I'm disappointed in the lack of Adidas and squating in that cover image 😛 You happy for anyone to slide in? Me and the bois are looking at an OPFOR style setup in the future to jump around the community and spread the love.
  3. Surprise, I have no life today. Redfall pt 2 This isn’t really part 2 for Redfall, pretty sure it was 4 at this stage. All I remember is Cormac saying something I couldn’t lean far enough down to hear (love you, hope you're back to normal). Rover gathered what forces we had and punched directly to Redfall. Now I remember some floater on Facebook complaining somewhere about people using GPS’, I used that here, and if that individual had ever actually attempted navigation over distance in an area with fuck all identifiable features, in a time sensitive task, I’m sure they too would have just used technology, work smart not hard friend. (Insert sudden panic scene seeing people around our poor attempt to hide packs under a tarp in the rain, and benny hill pursuit music) Again, a snap plan was established assuming we were moving to contact. Greyhound 1 and X3 were tasked to cut off forces by moving on the right flank, whilst Noble X1/2 and all other pers were going to attempt to scare any threats off into G1/X3 (apologies if I missed SEARD here or anyone else, the set up for this task was a blur and all i saw were taskable bodies). Upon arriving, a cease fire was called. This heightened annoyance on top of the supply cluster fuck that plagued our morning. Firstly, who TF sent our resup into a scenario area, secondly I may have misinterpreted the use of cease fires. It is my opinion they are for no duff or safety issues, cool I understand potentially trying to get us our water may have been seen as safety, but refer to point 1. This robbed the boy’s collectively of experiencing the effects of a relatively standard manoeuvre that at the time looked like it would catch OPFOR off guard, and be a rewarding experience in a milsim environment. Instead we lost the shock of violence, a defence was able to be established and players pressed into key positions. All that aside, it was still a good engagement, I believe I hit a crafty trip wire that projected some gels into me with an alarm (please confirm militia or whether I just got scalped 😂)? I thought that was cool and has taught me that the tech exists in games, to be aware of. The assault got messy as we closed into the tents with both sides starting to bleed, but we got to test out two types of grenades that solidified their use within the team. Some high fives, handshakes and fisting again ensued post this which was great to see. Also having a plate carrier with weights for that bonus I think was crucial here, the ability to sustain the team even if briefly helped us close the gap. Forward Recon, by force. We lost Base to team commander, eat a bag of phallus’ friend, and the first task was, Redfall part 5/6/7 whatever. Due to our proximity, our callsign offered to him to provide a forward screen so that he may conduct whatever inappropriate business was necessary. We were asked to ‘recce’, however I have a pet hate with people using that term for a task that has an unachievable time frame (if you’re going to do recon, do it properly), I took Xray complete down to the crossroads to recon it by force. We located what appeared to be prepared defences and tracks strewn through the scrub just off the corner. This position was unoccupied to our disappointment. We hung around, watching admin vehicles drive about day dreaming war crimes from going rogue, but no neighbourhood gangs came to tussle. The open ground between our position and where we assessed Militia to be camping was too great and presented risks with no support or med supplies, so we left that journey and returned to Base, not the FOB that we never got told the location of, but the poor soul who had already aged about 3 years in the last hour. X1D was bored and wanted some heat maps of groins. Move LUP With the day ending, we decided to move the LUP. For any force conducting clandestine activities, moving the LUP especially with high levels of activity is important (also I assumed they had marked the previous loc to try and bump it). We moved it far enough away that players wouldn’t run into us by accident, but not far enough away we could monitor threats hunting us. We pumped some more PTRs out this evening looking for more situational awareness, but nothing eventful happened from our locations, besides a horde of cattle staring down the lads in the LUP. Recon for assault Base called us up, we rudely answered. He wanted the Militia FOB to be isolated and monitored for a coalition assault. The initial time he offered wasn’t enough, so we amended his timings to allow for us to achieve what he needed, with a quality target package. We knew roughly where they would be, so we punched out into the open field. Before cresting, X3 reported eyes on the tree line and structures. This is important, as when you approach a target for reconnaissance, you don’t want to move laterally much, this increases the risk of detection. X1 was tasked to move on the left crest pushing to the dam and subsequent tree line, whilst X2/3 move on the airfield to clear and press into the scrub in depth. We successfully broke into the scrub undetected and were able to monitor Militia for 45-60 minutes The laziest way to identify a force from a distance, however once achieved helped focus us to the target. Stone ‘glassing’ the FOB for intel prior to a coalition assault. Bathroom habits, and the support that never came. Tip for pro players, get your morning shenanigans sorted prior to stepping off on a recon task. I needed to lay waste and remember a toilet at the air strip, but Base told us Rover would be on site in 15 minutes, and fuck I was desperate and didn’t want to box all the way around for some relief. Now in Wizard’s AAR it was mentioned that admin contacted Militia and reported movements/imagery in the adjacent tree line, tipping us off (you dogs). I thought it was me pretending to be a farmer with a helmet and rifle cruising innocently for a shit along the track. With the assault imminent, I asked for X1D to come to me to brief me and Rover on the target. Problem, looking down the road, I couldn’t see rover, 15 minutes you promised you sack. Whilst I finished getting my kit off and prepared for sweet release, X3 and 2 reported contact. Fuck, that’s ok, it was only 5-10 minutes until Rover would be in loc. By the time I had my kit on, X1 had broke contact near the airfield and were safe, I could see my sig in the rear of the tree line trying to figure out where the fuck Base was, and no comms came from 2 or 3. I thought fuck it, this must be the final battle, so I committed X1. We lost, but it was a good loss. Talking to my guys, Militia hid their numbers well which delayed my 2IC calling the break contact, ultimately sealing their fate (I think I counted 16 OPFOR assaulting through the 8 marauders). Coming down into the chaos, those boys were utilising the terrain well and established a CCP in the cattle yard, a brilliant spot providing everything to keep their fight going. I was happy being defeated and so were the others, beautiful work. After we moved off, the Americans came down to shake our hands and have a yarn; you boys hang around, I like your sportsmanship and we need more. We moved back to the Airfield to await whatever came next, fruit loops, more rain, some memes etc. Oh and those reinforcements, they showed up at 1100ish, 2 hours late, thanks haha. Final Assault fun. There’s not much to this, most of us were there, and was just a nice little final game of slapsies, again ceased fire was called, contradicting information which started rustling my men’s jimmies, and our plan went out the window. I went forward to discuss with morks the final bout, as when we were cleared hot to move, we noticed Militia still running admin tasks. Point for admin there is to find a better way on controlling incidents and communication to all players. Lessons Learned from here: Be flexible, nothing seemed to go as planned Grenades work, just try to avoid hitting people with them Rhodesy Don't accept tasks you cannot achieve, discuss what you need to make it achievable so you're not cannon fodder. Force the devil’s logs from your system early in the morning. I hope anyone who made it to here enjoyed the read and learned something to take back to their own team, this part was a little rushed and unrefined, but so was season 8 of GOT. I feel these were the key events that offer something to study and absorb outside of small engagements. Hope to see you all at a day game in the near future.
  4. This isn't the forum for it and name dropping serves no good purpose going forward, I'm hoping those people sort themselves out or their mates do. Yes, coffee is an essential item, and some hurtful things may have been said that morning I apologize for. A quick summary of lessons learnt documenting and good interaction on a decent platform is important for teams Always check your dudes, it's not about not trusting them, just being normal and forgetful Shake out on the ground before a game, rehearse key drills, DGAF what others think or if you feel awkward Actions on, wargame your plan and plan for disruptions Always consider you're being watched, keep noise and visual markers to a minimum Don't trust the locals (NPC) Always have a sentry for security, even if he's amongst you looking out. Massive engagements 'tie in' with other teams, there was a near b on b engagement on the left flank that was descalated by smoov. Back to the hole until I finish the next bit.
  5. Apologies for the novel first of all, I hope people find it informative and entertaining. This document isn’t to blow steam up our ass or shit talk others, but a recount from the ground of how we prepared and conducted ourselves during the event as for other teams less prepared to utilise in future events. There’s no story bullshit in here, just a factual account with our assessments at the time. If you want to debate the information I have perceived do it elsewhere so that we can generate helpful discussion for those willing in here. Also before I get to the TLDR aspect of this; one major take away is the current toxicity of this community. People are reporting to me seeing the bullshit being posted around on other forums and pages, Militia and Coalition bickering and honestly reading some of it, it’s fucking pathetic. I’ve instructed the lads I was with to keep away from that, myself and others have seen where that leads for this kind of thing, and if anyone here is serious about cultivating a prosperous community in milsim, you’d grip yourselves, team mates and other players up. I acknowledge this is a small majority, but they will cause nothing but issues in the future and tarnish the fun that others had. Disregarding those people (you spiders will figure yourselves out), I met some awesome players on both sides at EP, and I am keen to see them stay and to roll with them or invite them in to roll with us for a day at some point in the future. Team Concept We have our Brisbane team who all have a role in the function of the team which we feel are integral, from intel and planning through to tech specialist who focus on repairing gear. We then established a partner force style system so that those members have the knowledge and ability to command and guide players we attach to ourselves. There’s a more in-depth system in place which we’ll keep to ourselves for now, but I feel it was effective looking back on the game with 9 players from interstate joining us and fitting in with minimal to no issues. Discord Threads Failing to plan is planning to fail. We established a discord for all the players coming into the team to be notified of our intent, helpful gear guides, how we planned to operate on the field and to generally combine knowledge. As our numbers grew, we had everything pertinent referenced already and eased the transition of our out of state boiz. Gear check and recommendations. We had members view the required gear and present what they had/how they were set up. This enabled us to give them direction prior to the journey to save them time before entering, as well as direction on what and where to purchase some much needed gear. This process was constant, even leading into the infil day. Training days to test what works If you follow our ‘insta’, we ran some training sessions with the core members to test equipment and tactics prior to the event. This was a massive help as we identified useful tactics and procedures that would give us an advantage over opposition, what effective engagement distances were, as well as test the implementation of real world vs gel world principles. Staging point coordination / The F Shack Every event attended, the F shack is arranged. It is a staging point where we can do last minute gear checks, theoretical training and binge drinking to prepare our anus’ for whatever bullshit comes. We found an Airbnb which stone explained the situation to the owners as to not cause alarm, and we treated the property better than a glass with the last drop of whiskey on earth. This concept is crucial for teams coming in from all over the country. We identified kit shortages, blaster faults and more, streamlining our Friday rego/infil. On field training Now that we had space, we pulled the Zulu’s together and updated them on some SOPs such as break contacts, formations, individual combat drills and wider team tactics. They loved it and got right into it, absorbing what they could to put themselves in the best position for the event. X1C mentoring the Zulus. The Proposed Plan Our callsign were intending to push hard into the AO and establish a few observation posts to report and intercept Militia patrols. From there we would get imagery of pers, map out common movement corridors and brief the team in the morning where the weaknesses of Militia’s activities lie. After this our intent was to conduct kinetic operations to target vulnerable points and patrols. Step-off / The new plan. Due to the late step off time, we knew the plan had gone to shit already. I delivered some quick action on incidents for the boiz on vehicle infil in case the cheeky militia were prepared to ambush the convoy. We had tasks established so that as soon as we ‘landed’, the lead team provided security to the front of convoy, the middle was to unload equipment and packs, and the rear to protect the flanks. Once we landed and had our gear, we push on for ground. LUP Due to our split infil, the first wave pushed forward and held ground off a junction until the remaining pers could link up. We punched as far as we could under dusk before establishing a lie up point tucked away out of sight near what we later found was redfall. Recon Marauders had a few moments of fading light left, we utilised this opportunity to investigate the clearing that could be seen on the horizon. I tasked the surveillance team to push up with the thermal systems to see if we were able to establish an OP. What we found was what appeared to be a camp, which we monitored. We saw at least 4-5 pers with arms patrolling around. We sat around observing their activities, seeing if we could detect a pattern of life, and once done withdrew with the info undetected, subsequently planning a raid on the structures at dawn. Throughout the night we could identify Militia patrols and positions via high beaming the tree’s with their light and the IR illuminators in the distance. Our bois did the right thing and kept their lights low or off and noise to a minimum (except for carters freight train snoring) as not to be rudely disturbed in our hide away. The still image doesn’t do justice, was cool watching the people moving around. Raid The intent here was to move forward, identify who was in the town, isolate potential combatants and search the area. As we approached, we noticed the occupants were early birds, this didn’t change our approach as we had expected some resistance or activity. When we hit the fence obstacle, I retasked X1 to prepare a breaching point along the fence, with X2 on support by fire from the trees, and X3 in support of 1. One pers decided to approach us pretending to be a civilian, unfortunately he left his magazines on his belt which blew his cover, however due to imposed ROE, he had his opportunity to leave. I believe the occupants felt if they had committed to the position they were going to lose, and as such withdrew whilst attempting an engagement. Capitalising on the opportunity I ordered the assault. X1 pushed forward to establish a cordon, whilst X2 conducted building clearance and X3 exploited the target for intelligence. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything of value in any notebooks or containers which was disappointing. Surveillance moved to the field to get thermals on the far tree line and X1/2 prepared defences. X2 scratching their arms like crack addicts for a fight. Police Dude I sat down with the returning police recruiter for some coffee, to discuss politics, game of thrones, and his cousin the mayor. I exploited his sick grandmother to deny Militia access to the town in an attempt to protect the population from any escalation between forces. This was done via a bribe, which he appreciated the donation and would warn outsiders of a gas leak (which later became him just sabotaging his own gas pipeline). Also for a ‘Russian’, he did not speak Russian, I found this most suspicious… Counterattack Surveillance detected movement and when glassing it spotted players crossing the fence, moving towards Redfall. With arms immediately identified and the previous combatants initiating the engagement, we established an ambush. X3 was ordered to remain visible in an attempt to draw them in, whilst X1 moved forward as an initiator and X2 in depth. The plan originally was to ambush and withdraw into a secondary ambush site, however when X3 reported it was at section strength, X2 offered to reinforce the lead element. We reoriented our force, moving forward to a point we could isolate opposing players in a small area of cover, whilst X3 entered the open pushing the OPFOR into the trees and X2 moving quickly to envelop the force. By the time they approached and saw X1 it was too late, we held fire as the longer they waited, the more setup time we had. X2 extended out and the force was cut off from any option to manoeuvre except withdrawal. Shortly after contact and the elimination of 2 threats, X3 reported 4 pers fleeing with 2 remaining. We eliminated 4 hostiles total and routed the other 4. X1 and 2 conducted a battlefield clearance to check for friendly wounded, to my honest surprise were non-existent, and for intel and missing BLUFOR gear whilst X3 isolated the policeman from interfering and provided an escape corridor. We noticed another force approaching, at which point the NPC was let loose to do his thing denying them access and our callsign withdrew as we assessed no need to continue holding Redfall. X1C exploiting an eliminated combatant. We asked permission prior to imaging this gentleman. LUP attack/my morning coffee. After a successfully strike, we sat down to catch up on breakfast. The boys were chilling when our sentry alerted us to the small team sending a member forward. We chilled as it seemed odd for one dude to take on the team. He asked where redfall was and we thought he was lost, however when more of our members started popping up like meercats, he legged it back to his element. It started raining and my coffee finished brewing, so I popped out my battle brollie and started sipping when the sentry reported the enemy element attempting to encircle us. They were warned of my morning coffee needs, and they still pursued a fight. Cowabunga it was. A short defence was successful, but I must congratulate them on their guts and ability to wound our islander cuz. Resup Assault / Where’s my fucking water. Admin stuff aside, we needed ammo to push out into the AO, and med supplies that we never received. During this time, we were tasked to take “everyone” down to our resupply point. We knew something was going to happen, but we just wanted our damn supplies to get back to canoeing the locals. We linked up with Noble Team and Greyhound 1 and pushed east. As we approached, we could hear activity. With no commander in sight, not much time and Rover as a collective just wanting to know wtf was happening with our lives, I assumed command to establish some control. I pushed greyhound on the left to secure the road and a police vehicle near the incident sight, X2 and 3 in line and 1 in depth for an assault, and Noble on the right flank to envelop any hostile forces, cutting off their withdrawal and sweeping through their line. It seemed to work, with so many members on the ground, it became a nightmare to control the post battle admin, something I’ve identified to teach the collective next time, but everyone seemed to have a blast with our first major engagement with other coalition teams. I'll update this with the second half when I get around to it, apologies for the delay.
  6. Just to isolate this, and I can't talk about Seard but, we weren't sent on any specific tasks until Sunday morning, all our engagements we seeked out or happen chance occured, which from our point of view wasn't a bad thing, allowed us to immerse ourselves in the environment. I'll cover off on it in our write up. I think a common theme is militia sound like Morks kept them informed and on task where coalition lacked that effective top cover for teams new to this. Everything that could go wrong with coalition did, our guys just saw the light and made memes whilst shit talking each other.
  7. Just want to say thankyou from our boys for the event, to admin and the militia for some solid fights. It had its issues at times but the fellas were happy in the end and look forward how this develops forward. We'll Chuck up a log/aar some time this week for players to see how everyone prepared and went into the game with the aim of helping some teams preparing in the future. If anyone had issues with any of our guys please send us a message, they and I won't take it personally, we just hope every one had a good time and we can't fix any problems that we're not aware of (The dudes in m81/woodlands). Lastly some of our boys wore head socks (masks) due to occupational reasons, whilst they did their best to keep them on, they're cool with players sharing images they're in as long as you just mark off their face. They aren't trying to look like high rollers, they actually have a need to hide it. This is much appreciated in advance 🤙 Again looking forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.
  8. Yeah why the fuck is this a discussion. Yeah cool ack it was a question, but feeling the room the consensus would be no. Rules would be too complex, retarded knife fights, pretty sure insurance will flat out be against it. Knives serve minimal purpose in the real world, they're a means to get back to some form of firearm 99% of the time.
  9. Can we get a single, firm response to this. As rhodesy noted the rules say no cam needed for such items. Given how expensive that kit can be, I'm not going out to buy a cold top that's going to see one use a year.
  10. Who you calling a dog, look at your profile picture fool.
  11. Rhodesy or Gilly would be best to summarise it as they've been smashing advertisment hard to draw numbers. But from my understanding the information had been very disjointed, there was no real information package available, you had to go to multiple locations to get all the details. A Web page with an outline and index would be highly benificial; easy to navigate event details, costs, requirements etc etc. I'm no guru on this, I'm just the tactics guy, and if I knew something about Web design I'd give it a crack for you guys, but I feel watching all unfold that the accessability and transparency hasn't been there to rope in those fence sitters.
  12. If they are not sold they won't sign up. You need to provide for them if you want them.
  13. Medivac would be cool, adds a tactical consideration level "I just lost 6 of my 9 team, I won't get them back soon, I can't move forward on this task, I probably should have prioritised the task over the gun fight" If there is access to vehicles you could implement your own version of a 9 liner; Grid, callsign and freq on site, number that are down, enemy presence, marry-up method. That would really be all you need.
  14. Honestly, I'm starting to feel withdrawn (right word?) from the belief of this being milsim. I would just be repeating Rhodey's sentiment above with different words. Cat 1 players at night should have the concern of being rolled up for poor LUP selection, and zero option to escape (suck it up, yOu wAntEd tO bE tIEr oNe) , and if the team just starbursts at end of play then that's not much of a team and doesn't make this event special in its overnight nature. I'm sure people out there in the real world would love to disappear to their camper van or hotel. I would ENCOURAGE a possibility at the 'fob' for shelter for the teams to rest at night or relax from the game. I understand my view is not the same as all but I'd be disappointed watching people walk off at 1800. (not trying to be a dick or kick my foot in the sand, I see a great opportunity for you guys and am grateful for your efforts in organising it, she's your baby, and in the end I get to catch up with old interstate friends for some blat) (edited because I can't spell)
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