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  1. PS there isn't a NATO in the EP universe 😉 we use the word coalition so as not to be tied to what the real world does and allow us to place different countries into the coalition as we need to balance things. IE the use of atacs-fg event though designed in America and used by multiple countries and companies both east and west it is the defacto cam for there EDF (Estana defense force) in our universe.
  2. Thanks for That Xray, lots of actionable stuff that hadn't come to light for me yet and will help us up the game for next time! Ive got lots of lessons to learn and way more volunteers to enlist...did anyone want to do a motorcyle course? 😉
  3. All stuff I’m willing to look into. Have access to more gis data. I had some reasons for not including it this time but they won be relevant for any future event at Susan river. I’ll see what orthophoto data I can grab too. Plus we have three more locations that are possible fore next ones if we do another.
  4. Having worked a very long time ago in military cartography i’m Willing to do more mapping details if that what people need
  5. Great stuff, especially the locsat/strep stuff. I had no idea this wasn’t happening to give all team situational awareness. The FOB thing you suggested is a great idea, hopefully with infill much earlier in the day we can do that heaps better! One of the ideas i’m Floating now is a mini milsim that more like a military tewt where we can give players a chance to stop and turn of the tactical switch and ask questions. Also with the map, we ran the topo map in the TOC blow up by officeworks to a0, and had the sat map on the wall beside it. A sat map can never give the same details as a topo map with things like grid convergence and doing actual land nav is almost impossible in a military environment. Several times i tired to get people to move to a certain grid or bearing from their current location so they would encounter something. And found them take a road or track instead. Ask any of the ex service people what they think about walking along a road as a tactical option. I WILL do some nav training sessions to better explain this and they will be free of charge
  6. For those of you that attended can you please fill out this survey. Please limit the people that fill it out to those that actually attended as most questions relate to things that happened or didn’t happen at the event. We WANT to hear about anything you thought we did wrong/bad/poorly its the only way we can do it better If we do it again. Cut and paste the link or scan the QR code to go to the survey. It will be open until 13 July at this stage. All responses are anonymous and we cant see who says anything in the survey unless you put in your details so we can contact you. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RFDXCLH
  7. I've spoken to the tier 2 players that went home, there were several times where I didn't do the right thing by them: at registration the were given rat packs and not identified as tier2 instead of tier 1, it should have been flagged instantly when they questioned receiving a rat pack they were told to take their camping gear when deploying to the step of point, it should have stayed at the rego area they had to walk long distances with equipment not designed for carrying on your person, nobody identified this they were not issued the hot meals they paid for they were not able to contact anyone with the ability to extract them before it was time to sleep, when I arrived after Ryans NODUFF they had already gone to sleep. I did do a walk around the area and asked people about welfare style issues and they were asleep so I never heard theirs I didn't not do anything when a saw a guy in a large swag at the coalition fob, I should have flagged that as a big error on my side and acted on the spot the next morning when I sent the coalition on tasks I should have had a message from somebody in location that these guys were unhappy and should have been t2, next time a PLSGT might identify something like this during the days tasks their camping gear was soaked, and they were able to find an admin member to extract them. I should have flagged this for an exit debrief and offered them other options like getting their gear dry at the TOC and a break from operations that they needed. I didn't manage the response to their problems on social media well, they had genuine issues that were minimalised. results: I have had a quick conversation with the mother of one to get all of the info above, I have offered them something in compensation and a sincere apology, I have asked them to put a "do not recommend" on my facebook page instead of the SRGB page. I take full responsibility for this, every step where something went wrong above I had some hand in the process, I am the only common factor in all the above
  8. for coalition this might give a bit more context, militia would not be aware at all. Further, I'd like to invite all the team/squad leaders to send me a message on facebook once the dust settles. so that I can tell them how we can take on their points and make the changes we need to fix our screw ups. https://www.facebook.com/travis.goldie I'm off to the doctors myself shortly and maybe offline too. but there will be a survey monkey link sent to every ticket holder soon so they can send any anonymous feedback they wish. I know there were lots of negatives and I freely admit most of those lead back to me, but I can't fix everything without knowing all the details. once I'm well enough I'll write up a lesson learned post and how we can fix our screw ups and move forward.
  9. things i have got in my sights. The jeep available as a “taxi” that can be hired with razoos as a neutral npc. Upskilling people on fieldcraft, several “bumps” were missed as teams didnt quiet see each other when within 100m and “walking” to something reevaluating the tier system totally 93 players registered, 91 were tier 1, 2 were tier 2. Only 3people bought tier three tickets. removing food supplied by us. Unless people loved the hunger buster. a dedicated vehicle and driver to effect casevac/maintdem Upskilling players on defensive positions, ambushing, reconnaissance, and other milskils allowing every team inside a faction more independent choice of COP/FOB location. adding a pl sgt for each faction better handover between TOC radio operators to keep visibility of outstanding casevacs and maintdems. So teams arent out of play as long. Stopping players from telling other players what they can or cant do and waaaaay more
  10. Let me look into why you had to walk all the way back to your FOB to respawn, a casevac should have done the job in most circumstances and kept you close to where you “died” ive just learned that the militia radio operators didnt get given the little green folder explanation of casevac etc which may be the cause? I personally handed them to coalition and responded to casevacs and maintdems
  11. It will hinge a bit on the gameplay on sunday morning but we are having a massive bbq lunch at the end so im trying to time it to suit that
  12. yes, but we need to be in the loop so we now the person coming is totally understanding of what they are buying
  13. The only radios “required” for the event are supplied. A small uhf might be handy for communicating within your team but is subject to EW. by all means bring a radio but wont it give away your position to the opposing forces? The gMe does not stop until sunday each faction will have a charging station in their fob the matt is a comfort item, you can choose not to have it should you so wish the tablets should not be an issue. Susan river is not a place where you will be running at night. At best you will be walking on oatrol or stationary on watch
  14. If the video doesn't explain it feel free to get in touch direct with me 0439473705
  15. Our webmaster is away right now. Send a message to @Webmaster with the login details for those tickets to be applied to and we'll get ti done in a few days when they are back on deck
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