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  1. I just want to say thank you from all of the seard members to the staff that helped make this event honestly the most fun I have had at a milsim. This includes MSW. The commitment from the staff was honestly insane and I cannot express how much it was appreciated by every one of our members. Firstly I'd like to thank Tractor for bringing this all together. Without you OEP would not be a thing and you cannot fully understand how good it was to finally get to an event in australia that really brought out both the suck but also the fun. Seriously man. Thank you it was amazing and we are really looking forward to the next one. To cormac, With the short time we worked with you we had a blast. Yes we bitched but that's part of it. Looking back on it now we still loved every second of it and honestly it added to the experience for us as thats what we came for. The experience. Coalition. Firstly I'd like to apologize to anyone that feels we took the lead and left everyone in the dark. This wasnt my intention at all. I will debrief on this but more so when people are more relaxed and willing to hear me out, There was a lot I am massively disappointed in regards to myself especially not picking up on how other sections felt regarding how seard operated. You have been heard and this will be addressed. Militia. God damn guys. Walking up on the airfield expecting barely anyone being there then suddenly lights, vehicles and a fuck load of shouting. Was great fun and I hope you guys liked our smoke and light show. Marauders. What can I say. You guys handled yourselves superbly and I really am looking forward to working with you guys in future events. In closing SEARD loved every second of this event, from the rain and mud to the cows randomly showing up to even getting bumped at our FOB at 4am by the Armored Heaven guys this event will be regarded by me as hands down the most fun I have had during a milsim event and I cannot wait for the next one. S13 - CanHasCoW
  2. Would let you yell at me any time man. Was fantastic working with you lads.
  3. Did we ever end up getting an end time for Sunday?
  4. Thinking my fuck off massive hammer might be a little unnecessary or completely necessary. What about the prop m9 bayonets? Are they fine?
  5. What's a little chaffing between friends?
  6. It's how we did it for msw. So I'd hope it's ok. Else I'm buying plates.
  7. Is there anyway of getting it recorded? Unsure at this stage if I will be available for this. Also happy to run something similar to a bft if that's still going.
  8. Who do i need to talk to about camping out on the Thursday prior to the event?
  9. Planning will only get you so far. From experience shit will hit the fan and everything you planned and layed out will go to shit. Just aim to enjoy yourself.
  10. Been told that after rain the mozzies are that bad that even in full combat gear with two cans of bushman's they were still getting hammered.
  11. Could run it similar to MSW. Which is move away from where you were killed. Wait 10 minutes then respawn. Relies on some degree of sportsmanship but works exceptionally well. Especially when you are fucked off in the back of a field.
  12. Will there be an option to get someone to record it? Dates and times are meh for most of Seard command.
  13. Wait there's a non RP section? Damn straight.
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