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  1. Yes, militia will be able to disrupt the supply lines trust me militia aren’t canon fodder.. I fully expect to push these coalition dogs back to border....
  2. Guys thanks for your honest feedback, and i especially take note of all the hard work AMC is doing off their own back to get this going. Also want to thank those who's kept confidence high and their faith in this team to deliver a good event. The shift to the forums is mostly around finding that central place you guys have all described. I have seen way to many facebook gel groups disappear overnight and my fear is that one snowflake reports us and its gone. The key idea around the post with Key Information thread was to have a single post with the critical information. My other concern is that around already busy schedules and with limited resources, have facebook and the site to update keeps substantial work around keeping everything updated and common. Maybe this is showing my age... but i'm not a fan of facebook but do see where we need to put more energy in promoting it. I still want to make this place our home, but maybe more material to push people to here will help. You have family time?? Awesome, I think we just need some focus of what we need and then get everybody around a campfire and ensure that the energy is focussed. Otherwise we will have have 20 different style plans opposing each other and adding to the confusion. I would be keen for someone else to take on that role to push it forward, i honestly want to focus on the operational side. Hopefully someone who is much more creative than me...
  3. @Rhodesy, The end size of the field will be set based upon the player count. I would rather not have to walk 9km to find a enemy combatant. In Short, the main usable area will be south of that yellow path line and where the road turns 90deg... Will update with a sketch at a later time..
  4. So whos doing the first perimeter patrol on foot?
  5. I can confirm that the Mozzies have ATC clearance in that area.... While doing recon when i tried to slap one... he dusted himself off and slapped me back... I have tried to push the game away from the worst of it... however knowing you guys im sure youll setup camp right in the middle of the swamp... and find a way to shoot them from the blasters...
  6. Hi Everyone, I have posted in the team forums the information about Commander Elections. Please note that you have to be a fully registered player to participate and see these forums.
  7. Yeah the more i think about this, i think it would be easier to deal with casualties.. My only issue is resup... the good thing about Laser is that when you respawn you came back with full ammo.
  8. Sorry for the delay in this one... I'll reply with where my interpretation. 1. We are trying to decide which team we want to join our current uniform will lend ourselves to the militia however some clarification as to how much is required for coalition just a shirt or pants or both? I feel that for ease - Coalition side is full cams and Militia is no cams. This should keep IFF for this first game very simple. Future games i want to work where this will be removed. 2. Are tier 1 players only going to be used for recon or will they get to actually shoot people. Many of use are into the idea of being in the game for the whole op however we don't want to just be recon units we actually wanna shoot some people and fight some battles. In terms of assignments, Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators will have the opportunity to perform both sets of roles. The main reason around tier 2 is so that people with medical or physical attributes that require some "down" time can feel they can still attend the event. I expect that majority will be operating at full capacity inside the game at all times. However people that note that they are Tier 1 will have a opportunity to represent their team from the friday night. 3. In the rules it mentions that blasters must weigh 75% of their real steel counterparts is it going to be strictly enforced? Given there are quite a number of variations in m4s how much should an m4 for example weigh? This is more of a long term goal than specific for EP. Any commercial blaster that is purchased will be fine for this event. What we don't want is people running around with a gearbox taped together with a mag of some design. 4. Regarding weighted body armour plates and helmets is it 1 extra bandage for each or 1 if you have either helmet or plates: Personally i believe that this should be additional one for Armour regardless of Helmet or Body Armour or Both. I know this means that people will probably drop the Helmet if they get the same bonus with just the plate carrier but I don't think 3 hit players are playing to the spirit of the game we are playing. Happy to discuss pros and cons on this one. 5. Can we bring backup primary weapons and leave them at camp to swap to if needed due to breakages or whatever. I'd expect people to have backup equipment so yes... if you have spares please bring them. If they could be in a suitable bag then this could be transported out at some time to your platoon harbour (unless you want to also carry out yourself) 6. Are spectators/photographers allowed? Yes. Photographers and Spectators are allowed. However they will need to sign a insurance waiver, have protective eyewear and will be a cost for the insurance cover. They will also need to be in the spirit of the game 7. Regarding weapons are only commercially available blasters allowed ie I have built a bullpup m4 it uses a standard gen8 m4 with a 3d printed stock to turn it into a bullpup. That sounds really cool and want to see it. As long as it has the outer appearance of something that represents a real-world bit of kit, has a similar weight to a commercial available blaster and complies with the FPS limit for the event (Which for OP:EP is 300 FPS) then bring it along... Kind Regards, Morkai
  9. Honestly guys, better than I expected. I do think ill test at future Milsim East games but for now as they are written will be how they are deployed. Have seen the designs of the tourniquet which will work. Only thing which i would love feedback is the way that respawn is handled.
  10. My personal opinion of the sleeping arrangements is that Tier 2 (and Tier 1) can opt out of the field of play if they feel its required (Exhaustion etc). I actually feel that most will want to make it through the whole op inside the game as bragging rights... I for one would challenge all players to survive the exercise inside the game... and be there to support your team. My fondest memories of Milsim games is that 2am picquet where your exhausted and laughing at the smallest thing. And then for the next week you walk past a garden and call contact...... Health and Safety is the most important factor, so it will come down to the player and team leaders to ensure people are pushed beyond safe limits. If you have the time, stay the extra night on site and push yourself for the event... On a side note to Rhodsey, I would also rather players that were "in game" to remain on field. One of my biggest frustrations in previous storms were those that took themselves out of action but still slept in field realistically creating more of a hazard. The idea I have this removes that hazard and allows gameplay to continue unhindered.
  11. I believe that the intent is to show people how they are done. But on the day, we don't really care as long as it is done... Like the previous session, i do feel like we will have videos of how we trained. If there are suitable docs, we will get them up as well πŸ™‚
  12. Love some feedback from the live feed, and if its something you guys would like to see more regularly?
  13. You remember what a storm was right? πŸ˜› A majority of that is part of the brief as Ryan has said before.... and i don't want to give away too many surprises. Only thing that we have ruled out is POW of players.... The poor roleplayers on the other hand πŸ˜›
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