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  1. Bro, your more then welcomed to join it's for anyone looking for Rusfor/ Opfor impressions etc and embracing pure Slava culture hahah it's more about building that community and bringing that element to future games, Milsims, and the comradery.
  2. Hey what's up, We recently decided to make a dedicated Rusfor/ Opfor FB page for people all around the country to come learn, exchange, share, and rep their sqauds in true Slava fashion. Getting ready for the next Ep! https://www.facebook.com/groups/637321050077709/
  3. First Aussie Milsim event coming from US playing Milsim events such as MSW, MSATO. This one was something a bit different... 1). Understanding how the FOB / command post works - my impression I assumed I was going to sleep in field not at the main jump off point. Possibly could have the command post set up already for players if inserting closer to the evening hours. 2). Constant Flow of water - the water stituaton was horrendous and dangerous at the same time remember there are average Joe's who come to have fun so humping up a long road for water was a battle itself. 3). Capture points - maybe next event have those certain points valuable such as making them mobile spawn points. Those bus stops serve really no purpose besides water. Redfall meant nothing imo. 4). Factions - maybe next event if your going to have an insurgency element have a civilian faction that is based in the main town. the town was dead zZzzzZ. 5). AO - the AO was huge but manageable I can understand it was a daunting task to do all that walking Milsim in the Gelball on this level is new so maybe shrink the AO or have the FOB somewhat short distance to the main play area. 6). Transportation - definitely needed some sort transportation for that AO. I understand insurance but no one was willing to trek around so was pretty zZzzZzz. 7). Casualty evacuation - either have the main points where casualties can be collected or two separate teams for the factions. I was hella tired lol bit was cool I understood for what I signed up for but I think for some this was shit lol. W 8).Cadre - defienlty good to have and advise but gotta understand most everyone there are either to have fun and learn and are not military. 9).Hunger Buster - Did not need it or even collect it upon entry brought my own food. 10). The Mayor - he did an awesome job!!!! 11). Command seperation from Admin roles - was difficult to know what's going on us militia pretty much ran free agency to some degree. Personally I think Aussies are more in line with the MSATO style of Milsims where it's a Milsim but more free agency and faster pace less RP/ immersion and less suck.
  4. Psshh no no lol it was probe testing out their strength and getting that Intel lol Was awesome seeing everyone on the field had fun
  5. Want to give a shoutout to the Admin, and Susan river for hosting this event. #Давай!
  6. Yooooooooo where did you find the Top Ramen? I miss this shit I can show you how to make sweet and sour pork lol
  7. Hey man if your going to run plates and hump all your gear in just be mindful of your fitness it gets heavy as shiiiit. Usually the guys who run plates drop out the first day or take em out. Just some food for thought.
  8. That's all we need to know haha thanks for the clarification and info much appreciated.
  9. Will these vehicles be operating as resupply if so how can militia disrupt this resupply line ?
  10. What's crackn, What's going to be the go for technicals/ transports within the AO? Since Militia will virtually have none does milita have free fire on these vehicles? Will the drivers be fair game ? Will everyone be fair game if they sign the waiver lol??
  11. What's cracking , For night time engagements will we be required to run red dead lights to better distinguish who's still in play and who's not so I don't light up some poor soul multiple times ? Also is there a mandatory time you have to be dead for (5 mins) before you head back to mobile/ FOB spawn point etc etc ?
  12. I will defiantly be interested since I only speak Yankee. Post up a date and I'll be there. If I was NATO I would of went full Nam with my gear. My rewired PRC77 running UHF.
  13. It's tough with 30 people organising events let alone 4 geeez just thinking about it is stressing me out haha but I think as a community here we are backing this event and willing to help. Let's make it happen am pretty sure there are a few people on here that's I'll be willing from both sides including myself. I can help with the graphic design/ Flyer side. We can produce something people could visually interpret and see allowing them to get that small feel for the event. Everyone wants to act/ roleplay their fantasies of military scenarios etc. Here's an example of Milsim West we can help produce for Eastern Predator.
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