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  1. Whats the future camo stance likely to be for OPFOR? A few of us are looking to build summer uniforms (gorkas are hot lol) and wouldn't mind running some of the stranger russian camos (SS Leto comes to mind as an example for distinctiveness from NATO patterns)
  2. It's one of those things that breaks down due to the range of gels - walking along a road, 30m away from any cover might as well be walking 800m away with real weapons
  3. A few people talking about maps - I made this one for Donbass There was no issue reading any of the map detail, and it shows far more landmarks than a pure topo map did. @Resalnevs when we received that briefing we were actually looking at my personal copy of the above.
  4. Just remember that was by our choice NATO invader 😉
  5. Shoutout to @Morkai he did a great job of relaying this info to the Militia during the exercise - we may have had a better idea than some of NATO/ISF TBH
  6. Shootout In Estana Quick recap as to the tactical situation - A NATO/ISF squad is in tent 2. A militia soldier is holding a cooked grenade by the door to Tent 2. Tent 1 is occupied by 4 Militia More Militia are in the woods above Redfall Multiple NATO/ISF forces are in the trees beyond the Fenceline NATO/ISF HVT "CORMAC" and multiple NATO officers are in town in discussions with the Mayor in his office. Militia Command Element "Morkai" is in town liaising with Whiskey 01 At this stage Whiskey 01 requests permission from Militia Command Element "Morkai" to breach the Mayors office and execute NATO/ISF HVT "CORMAC" and Officers, and have the Militia Soldier by Tent 2 Grenade the NATO squad in Tent 2. Sadly Militia Command Element "Morkai" is forced to break character at this stage and put on his admin hat. Admin Morkai advises that as much as he wants to allow the above plan of action he needs to act out of game and have the Militia withdraw from Estana. The stated reason is that NATO/ISF have been holed up in their FOB for most of the exercise without resupply and Admin Morkai (and other Admin) need to provide a battle - it will be no fun for NATO/ISF if they are just executed in town. Admin Morkai advises that as far as he is concerned the Militia has effectively won Eastern Predator at this stage. Whiskey 01 pulls the Militia forces in town aside for a quick meeting and relays Admin Morkai's intent - the plan is to pull the bulk of the Militia back to the crossroads to allow NATO/ISF to resupply at Redfall. Whiskey 01 and the Mayor Of Redfall liaise and it is agreed that a 4 person Militia Element will stay as a personal guard for the Mayor, to prevent the risk of coercion from NATO/ISF forces. The Militia Forces begin to withdraw. At this stage Admin Morkai decides to liberate the grenade from the Militia soldier guarding tent 2. He throws it into tent 2 triggering an immediate firefight throughout the town of Redfall. Whiskey 01 is unaware that the first shots have been fired by Admin Morkai, and interpreting the commanders intent, and OPORDS provided by Militia Command Element "Morkai", specifically the goals around force preservation, attempts to de-escalate the coflict - ordering all Mlitia Elements to cease fire, yelling that the Militia is not here for a fight, this is an accident. (Out of character - Apologies here - a number of persons were confused when I yelled case fire that there had been a real injury) The fighting died down and Militia began to pull back - whilst ordering the withdrawal Whiskey 01 was shot in the back by NATO/ISF forces, despite loudly yelling that there was no hostile intent. Fortunately Militia Forces were able to apply a MATE bandage to Whiskey 01 and withdraw to the cross roads.
  7. The (re)(re)capture of Redfall 1. Whiskey 01 dispatched brave Miltia volunteers to enter the city of redfall, unarmed, to provide intel as to the NATO/ISF disposition. They entered the city without resistance, and, using civilian cellular phone networks, reported no signs of NATO forces.. 2. Upon receiving this Intel whiskey 01, the survivors of Donbass, and reinforcements from other Militia Squads moved quickly into Redfall and established positions. At this time the Mayor of Redfall asked the Militia to provide security for the town, specifically the mayor request that the Militia enforce the peaceful neutrality of Redfall. 3. NATO patrols were spotted moving along the fence-line towards Estana - from the direction of Noble Road MSR and from the opposite direction. At this stage the Militia had approximately 12 personnel in the town with more trickling in. At this stage Whiskey 01 decided to peacefully approach the commanders of the NATO/ISF patrols - disarming himself and approaching with a wave. Whiskey 01 spoke to the officers in charge of each patrol and advised them that the Estanan Peoples Militia had been asked by the Mayor to provide security and that armed personnel, other than the OIC would have to wait outside the village. Whiskey 01 generously offered the use of a Redfall building for the patrol approaching from Noble Road MSR to shelter in due to the rain which they accepted. A member of Donbass battalion took position outside the tent with an armed grenade to ensure that NATO/ISF did not attempt any tricks. 4. More NATO/ISF forces arrived and took up overwatch positions along the fenceline. 5. NATO/ISF HVT "CORMAC" arrived via vehicle insertion. At the same time Militia Commander "Morkai" arrived in another vehicle. Both parties, and a number of NATO/ISF officers began meetings with the Mayor of Redfall. An uneasy ceasefire presided - but how long could the truce last....
  8. FIRST CONTACT? 1. In the early morning Miltia forces pulled back to the FOB for rest and reset 2. Donbass and Whiskey 01 which had returned to the FOB the night before geared up to move out and relieve them - moving to occupy the crossroads 3. Donbass and Whiskey 01 began a movement through the forest near Redfall dubbed the "Triangle Forest" due to its shape. Moving quietly through the undergrowth they spotted a NATO patrol - Donbass was able to fire the first shots, but unfortunately took 4 casualties. Weapons malfunctions were a partial cause of this. 4. The surviving 4 team members pulled back to the crossroads and called for CASEVAC for their downed team members - CASEVAC arrived and extracted the downed members and also dropped off a 3 person element which moved on foot towards Redfall. Unfortunately communication issues prevented Whiskey 01, who had been assigned field command by Morkai from liaising with this element. 5. Upon hearing of the contact Militia forces at the airfield and FOB moved to the crossroads to reinforce Donbass and Whiskey 01.
  9. Nightime Sneaking Less detail here as I was asleep for this part of the exercise. At some stage around 2359 a IED laying team was dispatched - in a high risk mission they evaded NATO patrols and managed to successfully plant IEDs all along the NATO MSR - preventing NATO forces from receiving ammo resupply until well into the next day. Militia forces also occupied and held Redfall throughout the night - they reported observing signs of NATO recce forces throughout the night - as close as the barbed wire fence covering Redfall. But NATO forces did not make any attack. The forces holding Redfall pulled back to the Miltia FOB for rest period at sunrise.
  10. Night Fall 1. As nightfall approached the Militia sent multiple patrols out in the direction of the NATO FOB – these patrols reported no enemy contact of movements. 2. A Militia element moved to 2 and established an OP looking towards the NATO FOB. The OP sighted multiple lasers, flashlight beams and NVG red dots but did not make any contact. Unfortunately, the OP position was given away when Whiskey 01 and Donbass approached on their six and mistook them for NATO, opening fire. There were fortunately no friendly casualties but it was felt the position was now untenable and pulled back. 3. Fearing a NATO attack in force the Militia elements in Redfall pulled back to the crossroads. 4. Simultaneously acting on intel from the Mayor of Redfall, Whiskey 1 and Donbass moved towards the MSR Noble Road to attempt to ambush NATO forces. No NATO were encountered or engaged, but red lights were spotted in the forest towards the NATO FOB. 5. Whiskey 1 and Donbass moved back towards Redfall and recaptured the town – the mayor of the town reported that NATO had approached the town but not entered. Whiskey 1 and Donbass then pulled back towards the crossroads.
  11. I had originally posted this in the Militia forum, but Morkai has given permission to post it openly. This is by no means exhaustive, but simply my attempt to document how I saw the battle for Estana flowing. Operation Eastern Predator Early Stages – The Advance on Redfall 1. At approximately 1400 Militia forces entered the AO began movement towards FOB – Militia forces sweep forest but miss FOB location. 2. Militia elements then returned to the forest and located the FOB. Militia forces dropped packs and regeared for assault, leaving a contingent behind to continue FOB setup 3. Militia forces advanced and captured the airfield. 4. Spreading out across a wide front Militia forces advanced to the variable message sign. 5. Militia forces advanced to the crossroads and placed Redfall under observation – NATO forces could not be observed. As Redfall was considered a key defensive position for the Militia the decision was made to advance and capture the town ASAP. 6. Militia forces moved into Redfall and secured the town at 1600. During this time multiple convoys of ISF vehicles were spotted moving along Noble Road MSR. Pictured – Lead Militia elements (Whiskey 01) meeting with the Mayor of Redfall
  12. I ended up in command of the Militia (Whiskey 01) and never got the green folder - I was only able to organise a CASEVAC once I believe
  13. There's a great story to that whole situation that I'll post up once I get clearance from Morkai heheh
  14. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/thermal-eva-foam-bed-roll/818329
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