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    Run specifically to raise funds for Wounded Heroes. New years is a time where they give a lot of money out so we hope to start getting money back to them... Night game Friday from 6 pm until 11 pm Afternoon game Saturday 12 noon to 8 pm Day game Sunday 9 am till about 4 pm Entry Friday $15 other days $20 Standard rental blaster $20 for a full session including all ammo and batteries and $30To rent premium blasters like alpha King and Kublai
  2. Let us debrief on the first event first 😉
  3. Out of curiosity who is smack talking? I’ve yet to read anything myself but might not be seeing it posted. Great write up, your preparation for the event was unparalleled.
  4. Glad you guys had fun among the suck 👍
  5. Haha. To be fair, I did not touch a blaster for the entire event and was unarmed for the entirety.
  6. Good write up mate. Even if Militia didn’t technically kill me in Redfall I most certainly “died” at some stage - I still think it’s from the radiation exposure syndrome from being in the vicinity of radioactive material at the top of the MSR on night one 😉
  7. See you at the next one @HijinxQLD
  8. Positive to see everyone took something away. Means a lot to the event staff.
  9. Thanks for the feedback @Bishop. I can agree with all you wrote. One of my favourite things that happened while I was there was standing with @Morkai who was partially OOG on an admin move to Redfall. We were talking about the slight cluster that was happening with Coalition and Militia all standing in redfall and the need to move the teams apart. While the admins were discussing what to do, I was called away to talk to a squad leader. When that wrapped up, I walked back to where @Morkai was standing to find out what the go was and no sooner had I stood next to him I didn’t have time to process the fact he was holding a cocked grenade in his hand - at which he threw into the Coalition and tripped over some tent rope trying to retreat himself. It was so much to process I couldn’t help but laugh before retreating to the admin vehicle and allowing the Coalition to wipe out the Militia in redfall so we could actually move the story forward. 😂😂
  10. This is an epic post event write up. Kudos to you and the Militia for fighting so valiantly!
  11. This is your place to offer your feedback on the event. What did we do well? What sucked and what would you like to see next time? What do you think should change? What was your favourite part? This is your chance to have your say. Please be constructive, don’t say something sucked and offer no solution. Please also don’t use this as platform to bash or single people out from the event. This is here to allow the staff to collate the information and use this to move forward for future events. Bare in mind the admin team are well and truely exhausted so if you don’t hear from anyone on the staff team immediately, please allow us all some time to decompress and return to normality. In the mean time, let us know your thoughts.
  12. @Base thanks for taking the reigns. I definitely couldn’t give my all from the get go due to being way to sick to have attended in the first place but when you invest hundreds if not a thousand hours into an event you kind of want to die trying which I did haha. I want to apologise to the Coalition, I wasn’t where I needed to be health wise to guide our team out of the shitfight on night one and I think that had a dramatic effect going into day 2. 2 NODUFS on night one also didn’t help (but it was fantastic to see the team pulling together when the seriousness kicked in). I spent the entire event I was in the AO in the hurt locker and I’ve been to hospital twice to pay for it now but it was worth it to see the event come to fruition. There are many lessons we have learned from this event that will shape the future events to be bigger and better. If anyone has questions queries or comments, feel free to let myself or the other admins know in here or in private. I want to shout out to everyone on the admin team who assisted with the event, media, Manning the TOC, being an NPC, helping with rego and everything else that was required for the event. It was a massive undertaking but I’m proud of the team for what was accomplished. Before this event I had never met anyone in the admin team and yet now after the countless in person meetings, dinners, daily check ins online, disagreements, stress and all the rest, I couldn’t have asked to work alongside better people. Well done everyone.
  13. Hope everyone had a good time. Was certainly a learning experience and plenty to take away for the next event.
  14. Bring a foam mat. You’ll thank us later.
  15. Are you able to drop me a message on the forums?
  16. Couldn’t agree more. Mark your gear people.
  17. Remember this isn’t speedball so I doubt you’ll get that much trigger time to drain batteries at EP that quickly.
  18. Send me a private message with the usernames that need access.
  19. I am far from scared. The might of the Coalition will bring down on you an ungodly firestorm you will wish for a binding resolution to make it stop.
  20. Everyone is tier 1 unless otherwise negotiated with command.
  21. I'll work on adding a blaster hire ticket as well.
  22. until
    Gel Blaster 3 gun competitions and some normal speedball. > CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS EVENT ON FACEBOOK <
  23. until
    The safety radios we use at eastern predator need a little bit of training, aimed at the sig and Squad Leaders. This day is aimed at those that have never been formally trained in military radio use and will find themselves at a disadvantage if they haven't got basic skills not gained from the media (you'll learn such things as don't say "over and out" or "repeat" on the radio and will learn why). > CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS EVENT ON FACEBOOK <
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