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    Tactical lumberjacks with majestic beards

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    anybody can join us, but I created it for Militia men coming from Rockhampton and surrounding areas of CQ as we don't know players from down south, Everybody gets a name ending in wolf - Leader is Black Wolf.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    For members of the Staff and Command Team

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    for all the details on radio use during predator, only for the team leaders and the radio operators

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    My eleite squad of snipers for East PRedators

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    For members of Secret Squirrel Squad.

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    T3 continues a long legacy of milsim paintball teams that preceded it. Founded in 2014, it currently has 8 members with varying levels of experience. The team is dedicated to honing their skillsets in a variety of conventional and unconventional techniques from both real world military, paintball, and airsoft to gain an upper hand on our opponents. Our primary skill sets are in rapid assault and recon. T3 will operate as a Tier 1 team during Operation Eastern Predator.

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