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After Action Report: Milsim East & The Village MilSkills day

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Event: MilSim East & The Village

Date: 03-Mar-2019

Location: WACOL

So the 3rd of March was the first foray into a casual and fun military skill event where Ex Military members ran some gel ballers through some basic Infantry Minor Tactics and other basic soldier like skills in the lead up for Op: Eastern Predator. The events target audience were those looking to gain some new skills and get a small (but fun) taste of how patrols would work in a gel balling environment. The day was intended to be a fun and non serious/judgemental event and it was a fantastic day for all involved.

I didn't arrive until midday due to work and when I arrived there was a small contingency of players finishing up their lunch. The morning had consisted of learning some basic fire and movement and communication on the battlefield. I joined in to assist with running the Fire and Movement component, teaching the guys how to bound, leapfrog, pepper-pot, monkey walk and dry fire past enemy locations. After we run through this a few times we moved onto basic patrolling, patrol set ups, scanning, arcs, hand signals and calling out contact. We conducted a few simulated patrols of which all players got to experience a patrol, getting bumped, moving as a team, taking an objective, orders, regrouping and conserving ammunition. The culmination of all they learnt put into some small exercises of which everyone really excelled.

Overall it was a really positive day, everyone supporting each other and plenty of knowledge going around. There were questions, there were laughs, there were people getting shot in the groin, it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the next event!

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